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SITC Line New Building 10,000 TEU containers


Recently, SITC Line has gradually launched its newly ordered 10,000 TEU dry containers.

This batch of newly manufactured containers adheres to the concept of green and environmental protection, and has chosen more environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo flooring, waterborne paint and MS sealant compared to traditional materials. The use of waterborne paint has reduced VOC emissions by 85% compared to traditional oil-based paint. Bamboo flooring, unlike traditional wood flooring production, reduces the use of wood by mainly using bamboo with a short growth cycle. At the same time, bamboo flooring has higher strength, greater compressive capacity, and better durable compared to traditional wood flooring. In the production process, a under coating pollution prevention device has also been added to effectively avoid under coating pollution and reduce environmental pollution.

This container manufacturing plan is scheduled to be completed and delivered by early April 2024. Through this new container replacement, it will once again improve the overall container condition of SITC Line, better meet customers' container needs, and further enhance SITC competitiveness.